Ultherapy Lasers

Ultherapy &

Say Goodbye to aging on your face with no surgery and no pain! With the power of ultrasound and laser technique, we use non-invasive method to reduce wrinkles and restore your skin to eliminate aging symptoms.

Facial Rejuvenation & Injectables

Facial Rejuvenation &

Rejuvenate facial skin by reducing wrinkles, and enhancing lips through facial injections. Our facial rejuvenation and injectables like Juvederm, Botox and more combat aging and keep you look and feel stunning and beautiful.

Hormone Therapy and Weight Loss

Hormone Therapy &
Weight Loss

Want to fix your hormones and lose weight? If yes then hormone replacement therapy at Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center is the perfect solution for you that will help you to restore natural hormone balance and reduce your body fat.

CoolSculpting & Body Contouring

CoolSculpting &
Body Contouring

Freeze fat cells under the skin and get the desired curves and body shape with our highly-effective body contouring procedures including Coolsculpting technology which remove stubborn fat and give you a perfect body shape.


Comprehensive Medical Spa

Get exceptional skin care with a comprehensive medical spa offered by the renowned Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center. 

We are experts in the art of beauty and offers the patient-centric care with the premium quality non-invasive cosmetic procedures.

Beauty & Aesthetic Treatments

We offer an assortment of cosmetic treatments to improve your appearance and help you gain more self-confidence. These treatments are useful for achieving the desired results, and make you feel good and gorgeous. 

Medical Spa

For example, BOTOX Cosmetic treatments are a nonsurgical alternative to diminish the presence of fine lines. The CoolSculpting fat freezing technology reduce fat. What's more, Ultherapy non-invasive facelift can shape your body utilizing the ultrasound energy. Individuals who experience serious underarm sweating, known as primary axillary hyperhidrosis which affects the men as well as women, would now be able to get relief by availing lasting treatment with BOTOX. 

We have a non-surgical option that is suitable for numerous health conditions. 

Different techniques offered incorporate Juvederm, which smooths out lines from around your mouth and nose. Radiesse treatment invigorates the body to start making its very own collagen to smooth out lines and wrinkles. Dysport, a prescription procedure, decreases frown lines without treating other areas. Peels and other treatments treat particular issues to upgrade an individual's appearance.

Advanced Technology

We are widely renowned for providing the unmatched results by using the advanced technology and equipment and always ensure to go beyond the patient’s expectations with skin rejuvenating & hair removal laser treatment.

Equipment like Lumecca IPL Laser by InMode offers various treatments for different conditions such as spider veins and rosacea. Quantel EXEL 02 fractional laser helps you to enjoy better skin quality & luminosity by repairing skin and diminishing wrinkles and dark circles.

Treat Hormonal Imbalance Effectively

Balance hormones by taking assistance from the leading Hormone Replacement Therapy clinics. We at Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center have experienced team of professionals who are experts in treating hormonal imbalance effectively. We use the latest techniques for hormone optimization which has less or no side-effects and ensures improved results. We examine every hormone for irregularities that is responsible for many health problems such as uncontrolled weight loss, menopause symptoms & lethargy by utilizing latest blood testing & wellness profiling.

CoolSculpting: No Downtime, No Incisions, Permanent Results

Freeze your fat away with CoolSculpting fat freezing treatment that kills your fat cells and gives you permanent results with no downtime and without any surgery. You will notice up to 20% fat reduction just after one session, it’s the fastest technique to get a slim body shape. 

Know More About CoolSculpting

Ultherapy Beautifully Toned Skin Lives Here

Want to lift and tighten your skin without undergoing any surgical procedure? If yes then Ultherapy is the right choice to go for a non-surgical facelift. 

This FDA approved treatment uses ultrasound technology for the procedure of tightening and lifting your brows, chin, neck, and more... 

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Love Your Hairline with NeoGraft

Pattern baldness is a common problem which affects men as well as women and if you are facing the problem of thinning hair then opt for our NeoGraft FUE process to get rid of pattern baldness.

NeoGraft hair transplant results are natural looking, make you look and feel more beautiful with no scar.

Improve Your Quality of Life With BEMER

BEMER Vascular Therapy uses energy and is the latest treatment to boost your vascular circulation. It helps to improve quality of life with better energy levels, sleep quality, recovery and more.

Our Success Stories:-

1- After noticing the before after results pictures on Instagram, I finally went to Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center. I have had a lot of laser done to get rid of freckles, and sun spots but unfortunately get no visible results. But luckily, my experience with Shelie at BHRC is great. I have got the expected results in less time with no side-effects and happy with the service offered by shelie at this renowned center. 

2- Loved the quality service offered by Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center. My experience at BHRC was amazingly surprising and I am very happy with the flawless treatment and the results were visible only after a few days. The staff was super friendly and given me the right consultation along with a safe, highly-effective, and comfortable treatment. Feeling excited for my coming session next week!

3- I am happy with the results go my lip fillers with Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center. All the team and doctors at this center were extremely helpful, gentle, and friendly. I will highly recommend BHRC to others for making their lip appearance more attractive and beautiful.


If you are looking for the most trusted Med Spa in US then Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center in the United States is the right choice for you. We help you to look and feel beautiful and more confident with our unbeatable treatments and services. Attain optimal health and beauty by contacting us today. Hurry Up! Book your appointment today for the result-oriented treatments offered by our expert medical professionals.

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Our Success Stories

I went here initially because I saw the before and after pictures on their instagram. I’ve had a lot of laser done to rid myself of sun spots and freckles, none of them worked. I’ve been beyond happy with the results this go around. Shelie is such a knowledgeable and kind person also super funny which makes the experience easy. I come from the opposite side of town and expected it to feel intimidated but the girls up front are a dream, over the phone and in person. Go to Shelie, she is a wizard! 

LOVED my experience at the Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center! Everyone was super friendly, the space was luxurious, and my treatment experience was flawless and I already saw real results after only a few days. I was hesitant at first because I had never tried anything like it, but they talked me through each phase of the process so I felt safe, comfortable, and informed. Excited for my new session next week!

I’ve been wanting to get my lips done for a long time and now I finally did, I’m obsessed. All the girls at this office were super cute and friendly and the doctor was very gentle. I barely felt a pinch. I’m definitely sending all my friends here.

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Listen to the Sensational Celebrity Fitness Trainer Jillian Michael's interview with BHRC Co-founder and Hormone Replacement expert Dan Holtz.


If want to age beautifully and ensure that you are always looking and feeling your best, contact us for details. whether you are considering hormone optimization therapy, a hair transplant or other procedures, we are the most trusted Med Spa in the United States. Meet with our medical professionals for a consultation to find out how they can help you achieve optimal health and beauty.